Countdown to Halloween : …with the Lead Pipe.

Countdown to Halloween : …with the Lead Pipe.


This was supposed to post on Saturday, but I didn’t get to finish writing it and the day didn’t got exactly as planned. So I’m making it up now. I’ll be posting Friday’s missed post today as well.

By this time, all of our guests should have received their invitations in the mail. Which means I get to share the product of my fun labor!

These were just as fun to make as our wedding invitations…

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Countdown to Halloween : Every Tricker’s Treat

Countdown to Halloween : Every Tricker’s Treat


Did you get to watch the first night of 13 Nights of Elvira? Do you plan on watching more? I’m going to do my best to sneak as many of them in over the remaining days of October. An articleElvira shared on her facebook on Saturday had the complete line-up of shows. In addition, it’s a great interview with much more variety. Remember how I had complained about that in another post? I think she…

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I thought this was just too cute not to share. Plus I have a major soft spot for vintage-styled movie posters. Monterey Bay Aquarium sent an email to it’s members with a link to send a MBA themed e-card styled off of old horror movie posters to send to their friends and families to wish Happy Halloween.  If you love ocean creatures from the deep used in their classic fashion, you’ll love these cards!

Aren’t these cards too adorable?


Countdown to Halloween : Halloween via Monterey Bay Aquarium I thought this was just too cute not to share. Plus I have a major soft spot for vintage-styled movie posters.

Countdown to Halloween : Well hello, Darlings!

Countdown to Halloween : Well hello, Darlings!


Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! Be sure to tune in to Hulu to catch the first night of Elvira’s 13 Nights of Elvira!

Can’t wait until Sunday? That’s ok! I’ve got you covered!


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Countdown to Halloween : Vampire Fashionista

Countdown to Halloween : Vampire Fashionista


Yas’s was the first Monster Fashionista I sketched out randomly before the idea actually formed. So her design is much less complex than the other gals. It’s still cute, but not as…over the top, I suppose. Not sure if I’m thrilled with the colors, but it was what kicked off the fashionistas so I owe her that much! ;)


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Countdown to Halloween : Highgate Cemetary

Countdown to Halloween : Highgate Cemetary


Another visit to Atlas Obscura rendered my only reason to want to visit London.  This beautiful history-rich cemetery was once the field for an outbreak of bizarre vampire hunting sprees and grave desecrations because of such. But regardless of that, this place looks absolutely stunning!

Not only that, but loads of reports of supernatural occurrences have been linked to this cemetery. Spooky…

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Countdown to Halloween : You Hear Something?

Countdown to Halloween : You Hear Something?


It’s the spooky thirteenth day of the countdown~! Over the weekend, Elvira announced that the “2 Big Pumpkins” single was available for purchase on iTunes. Perfect for those that don’t have a turntable for listening to the vinyls. ;)

Now the single has both of the songs that are also featured on the vinyl. I only listened to the preview of “13 Nights of Halloween”, but it’s pretty much a…

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Countdown to Halloween : …with the Rope.

Countdown to Halloween : …with the Rope.


Yet another “clue” for our Clue Carousal. ;D We’ve officially dropped invitations in the mail last night. I hope people get as much of a kick out of the invites as I did making them. I don’t think I could ever do away with traditional paper invites. There’s just so much you can do with them. Besides, who doesn’t love receiving things in the mail?


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Countdown to Halloween : CHOC Charity Walk

Countdown to Halloween : CHOC Charity Walk


As some of you have witnessed on my facebook page, my hubby and I took steps towards dedicating some time and fundraising towards what I feel like is a really amazing and wonderful cause.

I was feeling motivated to join this walk when I received information about an Annual Passholder’s team. And then talk of it sprouted within a FB group of fellow Disneyland Brides. When talks of forming a team…

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Countdown to Halloween : You Can Call Me…Tonight

Countdown to Halloween : You Can Call Me…Tonight


But enough about reminiscing about the past, let’s talk about what the real Queen of Halloween is up to this season! Better than revenge or Christmas, everyone’s favorite mistress is up to quite a bit this Halloween. I know that towards the end of September, she’d said she was pulling out all the stops, but I seriously didn’t think that she would pull out so many!

If you’re dying to know and…

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Countdown to Halloween : Werewolf Fashionista

Countdown to Halloween : Werewolf Fashionista


Running just a little late today, but that’s ok!So when I started sketching for the countdown back in August, I had this crazy inspiration to create a sort of fashion couture inspired by some of my favorite silver-screen monsters. Ironically, the first one I show you is the last one I drew. I’m sure the monster inspiration is obvious, but in case you don’t get it, it’s based on the Wolfman. (mor…

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Countdown to Halloween :

Countdown to Halloween :


Photo courtesty of NASA

One of my favorite websites to hang around lately when it comes to reading about really unique and cool places supported by amazing and intriguing facts is Atlaas Obscura. It is loaded with jaw-dropping places to visit that the average Joe hasn’t heard of. In one of their recent emails, they shared a link to an article about Spiders in Space. I thought this was a…

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Countdown to Halloween : That Gal in Black

Countdown to Halloween : That Gal in Black


Will keep coming back until I no longer have the body to do so! XD My hubby complied with a request to take new Elvira photos for me to post on my blog. The results were quite amazing. Next year for sure we will put together a video of some kind. It’s my goal and major hope.


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Countdown to Halloween : No Time to Waste!

Countdown to Halloween : No Time to Waste!


By this point, we’re supposedly moved in to our new apartment and are briskly unpacking and decorating for my favorite season. I can’t say for sure as I’m auto-posting the previous and next couple days, but that was the plan. There will have to be updates on that later. Either way, it’s the 5th of October.

That means only 25 days until Halloween! Yay!

When do you start decorating for the…

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