Chelsea’s Surprisingly Decisive Wedding Gown Search

I have read so many stories of many brides, Disney bride and not, who sincerely struggled with finding their dress. Knowing it was THE dress. I’m an extremely indecisive person. Ask my hubby and we have major problems when I cannot decide what to go out and eat. And most of my day is filled with me trying to decide what exactly it is I want to do. My wedding gown search, like most of our wedding…

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Return from the Land of Happiness


It’s been two and a half weeks since our wedding. I thought I might have be more techie in regards to sharing my event before leaving, but I’ve learned that I’m just not that kind of person. I’m better with collecting all of my memories and then documenting them versus instant-sharing. The moment comes later in sharing for me, but there is a great chance of getting to relive it once more. Which…

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A New Wedding Update: Five Days Until We Leave

I cannot believe that we are leaving in five days to celebrate our happily ever after! I’ve had so much fun blogging everything up to this point and I just wanted to take a moment to really say thanks to everyone who has been reading and following along through my 2+ year adventure of planning.

A New Wedding Update: The Bridal Shower

A New Wedding Update: The Bridal Shower

tpatf-spotlightI am totally one of those people who enjoy being in the spotlight, although my life always turns out to be where life or people in my life tend to steal my thunder and what is supposed to be my moment in the lime light turns into theirs. Not usually intentionally, but people just have a very hard time being selfless for other people. It’s just human nature.

For my bridal shower, this was ANYTHING…

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A New Wedding Update: Final Official Dress Fitting

A New Wedding Update: Final Official Dress Fitting


Today….I go to try on my dress for hopefully the last time and get to take it home! I’m so overwhelmed with the excitement, the work day is going to be very very hard to get through, even though I’m leaving early. Wish me the best, guys!

I thought so excitedly on Wednesday…turns out, the seamstress was still fussing with me over what to do with my bustle and the dress was still much too long.…

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A New Wedding Update: One Month to Go

Just in case, warning you all now, that things might go a little wonky over the next 72 hours.

A New Wedding Update: History of the Bridal Shower

A New Wedding Update: History of the Bridal Shower


With my own impeding shower just around the corner (this Saturday, in fact, I am WAY too excited!), I thought I would share some history I learned from my mom about the bridal shower’s origins. At least this is one of many stories. When I looked it up to find the story to write out here, I found lots of different variations. So…I’ll tell you the one my mom told me.

A young bride was denied her…

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A New Wedding Update: Almost There

Even though we’ve still got a reasonably sized to-do list, Erick and I just just bubbling little…

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And #bb is dead to the world. Leave her be on her throne of fabulous blanket. #cats

My Instagram…for #cats photos. #sweetpea

BB ball #cats #bb

Still have no idea why he finds this so comfortable. #cats #scatcat

A New Wedding Update: Collecting RSVPs

I’d have to say, if I could pick one thing to be the most challenging of the entire wedding…

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A New Wedding Update: Two Months to Go

Today, both Erick and I were given the epiphany of how close the wedding is. Not only is it two…

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"Let’s sit right on Daddy’s chest while he plays on his phone," BB decided. #cats #bb