Picking Up “Dreaming of the Moon”

I haven’t really drawn much lately. Even most of the drawings I had done for October were done a couple of months before that. Oran just came out onto my sketchbook page yesterday with an almost pleading look to take back up work on Dreaming of the Moon, wondering where her author is to conclude her story.

I think it might be a good idea, honestly. I worked on a webpage for Dreaming of the Moon a few months ago, but never launched it because I wanted to create more illustrations and work with flash a little more for a unique flash introduction to the site, but it just sat there after the initial design creation. I came across the files on my computer during a tutoring session the other day and I think that’s what sparked the inspiration of the sketch above.

I’d love to redesign all the characters such as Oran, and the Procellarum characters, and perhaps even accomplish making the twins look more boyish/manly. There’s a lot of work that needs to go into it all; flushing out the story’s plot and timeline, completely defining the characters and all their purpose, writing the story, and perhaps even illustrating it. If I ever took the story to a publishing stage, I don’t think I’d want someone else to design the cover or illustrate for it since what’s in my mind is so set…the challenge is just being able to properly convey it.

Dreaming of the Moon is probably my most dearest of creations. Of all the stories and ideas I’ve come up with, I always come back to this one to play with and work on. The characters forever remain interesting and charming to me. I can only hope it would be the same for others.

Christmas Break is four and a half days away and then it’s putting in some time at Rainbow. Yet just maybe…my darling characters can get some life brought to them over the Christmas Holiday….

We shall see.